If the Seika Braille display doesn’t work

If the Seika Braille display doesn’t work, please check Seika braille display driver and also the screen reader setting.

1.Check Seika braille display driver

Right click the icon of “My Computer” on desktop, and select “Properties”.

Select “Hardware” on the top menu, and click the button “Device Manager”.

If there is a yellow interrogation marks before both the item “Other Device” and its subdirectory “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge” in the catalog, it would mean that Seika braille display driver doesn’t work. It is necessary to reinstall the driver.

Right click “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge”, and select “uninstall”.

Install the Seika braille display driver again .

2. Check the screen reader configuration

Run the “Detect Seika COM Port V1.0.exe” in the “tool” folder on the CD, remember the Seika COM port number. Check the COM port setting in your screen reader.