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Seika V5 can use the Lithium-ion battery and supports a USB memory card, so that you can take Seika out. You can also connect it to your computer with a USB cable or with bluetooth. It only weighs 640 gram and is very compact. As it supports USB memory, you can read saved data, and using Seika’s keys to handle fast- forward , rewind or cue. So you can take your favourite book as Braille data and read it wherever you like.

  • Lithium-ion battery: Lithium-ion battery for up to 6 hours use.
  • Bluetooth:With wireless bluetooth, you can connect with your computer a lot more easily.
  • External interface:There are two USB ports which enable Seika V5 to be connected to a computer as well as other external interfaces simultaniously. It gets power through either a computer or its own AC adapter.



 Display system  8 dots Braille
 Display capacity  40 cells
 Cursor key  8 keys
 Touch cursor key  40 keys
 Character code  Original Code
 Interface  USB/Mini USB/DC
 Power supply  Bus power/AC adapter/Battery
 Size 12.99(W) x 3.58(D) x 0.98 (H)inches
 Weight  640g


Compatible software:
* SuperNova ScreenReader
* Jaws
* Window-Eyes
* NVDA (free ScreenReader)
* VoiceOver(Apple Mac and iOS)

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