Seika3 Pro


‘Seika version 3 Pro’ is the third type of the popular Seika series. It offers micro Braille cells, compact design, light weight and user friendly operation.

  • 40-cell display capacity.
  • Light & Compact – Designed to carry
  • USB power source connection (no need for an extra adapter)



 Display system  8 dots Braille
 Display capacity  40 cells
 Cursor key  8 keys
 Touch cursor key  40 keys
 Character code  Original Code
 Interface  MiniUSB
 Power supply  Bus power
 Size  12.99(W) x 3.58(D) x 0.98 (H)inches
 Weight  600g


Compatible software:
* SuperNova ScreenReader
* Jaws
* Window-Eyes
* NVDA (free ScreenReader)
* VoiceOver(Apple Mac and iOS)

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