seika6 super


Seika6 super can  speak and read txt .And Seika6 super is a portable 40 cells Braille display with note taking and a suite of powerful applications. Seika6 super is compatible with several popular screen reading software for mobile phones and PC, so it will work well in conjunction with a mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth or USB cable. This user guide tells you all about them.

Seika6 super includes the following applications: PC connection via USB or Bluetooth, connection to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, Notepad, File Manage, Read, Clock, and Calculator.



Display system 8 dots Braille
Display capacity 40 cells
Keyboard 8-dots Braille keyboard

4 function keys

40 cursor routing keys

2 Navigation joysticks keys

Memory extension Micro SD Card and U-disk
Wireless Bluetooth
Interface USB, MiniUSB, Micro SD card slot
Power supply Bus power/AC adapter/Battery
Battery Lithium rechargeable battery
Languages USA, English, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese
Size 13.03(W) x 3.64(D) x1.3 (H)inches
Weight 700g

Compatible software:
* SuperNova ScreenReader
* Jaws
* Window-Eyes
* NVDA (free ScreenReader)
* VoiceOver(Apple Mac and iOS)

Download mini firmware:

Latest version: Mini firmware Ver1.039 for UK, USA, France, Italy

Old Releases can be downloaded from SeikaNotetaker

Download mini manual:

Latest version: miniseika_manual_english v1.14

Old Releases can be downloaded from Miniseika manual release.

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