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The Seika7 is a portable 40 cell Braille display computer with the Microsoft operating system. There are two working modes: you can install your prefer screen reader and you can do everything which your laptop can do in mode 3 (for details, please refer to chapter 1.3 and chapter 2.1). The Seika7 is also compatible with several popular screen reading software programs that are used with mobile phones, PC’s, and Apple devices via Bluetooth or USB cable in mode 2 (for details, please refer to chapter 1.3 and chapter 2.2). If you do not use Seika7 several days or have a long trip, please set Seika7 completely shut down in mode 1 (switch far away from you).



• Seika 7 in its leather carrying case
• Carrying case with a strap
• Wall adapter (the output is 9V/4A)
• USB Cable
• Micro SD card which comes preinstalled in the Seika 7
• User manual

Hardware Specifications
• Operating system: Windows 10-64bit
• Flash Memory: 64GB
• RAM: 4GB
• Battery: Lithium rechargeable battery
• Keyboard: Laptop keyboard, 6 scroll keys, 40 cursor routing keys, 2 navigation joysticks keys,2 space keys
• Braille display: 40 refreshable 8-Dot Braille cells
• Wireless: WIFI and Bluetooth
• Voice recording: Internal microphone
• Sound: Internal stereo speakers, stereo headphone jack
• Video output: HDMI output
• Interface: USB host (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), DC IN, Micro SD card slot, Mini USB slave socket

Old Releases can be downloaded from Seika 7

Download mini manual:

Latest version: SeikaNotetaker for UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany,Arab ,Croatia v6 super ,v6 ,mini24 ,mini16

Latest version: miniseika_manual_english v1.14

Old Releases can be downloaded from Miniseika manual release.

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